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Frequently Asked Questions...

Ohana Day School serves students from 3 – 5 years old. Students can enroll in our school when they turn 3 years old. 

Yes, we ask that all students are potty trained before coming to school. This helps our teachers and staff put our students’ learning and safety first and limits classroom distractions. 

Tuition varies based on location. Please reach out directly to get accurate pricing.

Teachers and parents communicate in a variety of ways including; Brightwheel phone app, in-person, and through email. Parent-teacher communication is a priority for us at Ohana Day School because we believe when parents and teachers work together, students are most successful.

The first Ohana Day School location in Inlet Beach, FL opened in November of 2020.

Yes, we have week-long programs throughout the summer. Please reach out directly for the schedule and pricing.

We will offer mid-year enrollment if we have open spots available.

Yes, we offer a one-month tuition discount for each additional student attending. 

With decades of experience in education, we have developed a holistic curriculum that takes into account the whole child and different learning methods. 

We offer a blended curriculum that gives students the freedom and independence to play while also using theme-based activities to engage students in learning.

We do integrate technology into our classrooms to build technology fluency and make sure our students are set up for success in a world that is immersed in technology. We follow the CDC guidelines for screen-time for optimal learning and health.

Getting outside is necessary for health and development at a young age. Weather permitting, students get outdoor playtime daily. 

Our teacher to student ratio ranges from 1:6 – 1:10 depending on age and developmental level. 

Our directors and lead teachers have master/bachelors degrees in education and years of experience in early childhood education.