Mission & Vision


The Mission of Ohana Day School is to respect the individual needs of all children, foster a caring and creative environment and use innovative technology to deliver an experiential, student-centered blended education model. Ohana Day School recognizes the individuality of each child and that all children are creative and have a desire to learn. Ohana Day School believes that the paths of learning include social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development, which invites the passionate pursuits of each child’s interests. The Ohana Day School is noted for its welcoming atmosphere. Our teachers are enthusiastic and encouraging as they interact with the children. Each child is valued as an individual. Self-expression and interpersonal relationships are fostered in this nurturing atmosphere. Children learn to make choices, develop relationships, and benefit from all their daily experiences.


Our Vision is to ensure each child has successful experiences every day, give them a positive self-concept, and ensure a lifelong love of learning. Young children learn through play and direct involvement, and Ohana Day School is designed to meet each child’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive needs.